One of Africa's problems is unemployment and lack of opportunities. To overcome this, Hotshi is providing a variety of opportunities in employment and projects. Hotshi has succeeded in building effective networks in Africa and around the world. One of its priorities is to promote the creation and the growth of start-ups.

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1. What is the hotshi platform?
Hotshi is the largest social network made for professionals and experts involved in the development of Africa and its diasporas. The platform allows the brodcast and the access to many job offers and calls for projects in Africa and around the world, as well as the creation of networks of tailor-made professionals. Undertaking for a convergent interest has never been easier thanks to the cutting-edge technologies provided by hotshi.
2. How to connect on the platform?
When you start the application, you have access to the login interface. You can enter your email address that you use for your account as well as the dedicated password, then click on the “next” arrow icon.
3. How to create an account?
There are two types of account: “User” and “Company” accounts. The "User" account allows you to have a professional profile and the "Company" account allows you to create a page for your company, startup, institution or organization.
To create your account, click on "register" by following the procedure. Once your information has been entered, an OTP code will be sent to the email address you have indicated for a secure validation, you just have to copy it into the application.
4. How can I recover my password?
Do you have an account but have forgotten the password? Simply click on "forgot password" and enter the email address of the account, an OTP code will be sent to you on this same email for secure validation, you just have to transcribe it on the application.
5. How to search on the platform?
The news feed on the hotshi homepage is your first step in finding interesting content from people potentially interesting to you. You can find businesses, contacts, news about your relationships in the feed, and share them with others.
6. How does the notification system work?
You can receive notifications for new messages, invitations, etc. It's a great way to stay in touch with relationships. Control the notifications you receive and set notification preferences in your mobile settings.
7. What is a Professional Profile?
A full hotshi profile allows you to find opportunities by highlighting your CV, experiences, etc. Use your profile to add the personal touch in your resume. Members whose profile has a photo are more seen than a profile without photo.
8. What is a Company Profile?
A company profile allows you to highlight your organization. You can value its history as well as its current situation. Use your company profile to reach more professionals and companies, as well as other institutions.
9. Where can I access my profile?
You can access your profile by clicking on the "profile" icon at the top of the hotshi home page, in the Slide-out menu.
10. What information is available?
In general, your entire profile is visible to all members identified by hotshi on hotshi.com or our apps. You can control what appears on your profile from the "Visibility" page of the "Settings" tab of the Slide-out menu.
11. How to modify my profile?
You can edit your profile to highlight your experience and education or add recommendations and skills to highlight your expertise. Add sections to your profile and include them in your description to create your own branding.
12. How to publish on the social network?
Find out how to attract the profiles you are looking for through your publications on hotshi social network platform and manage them for better efficiency. To do this, simply click on the “publish” icon. Then write your post.
13. How to increase my network or increase my professional career?
Invitations are an ideal tool for developing your career and building useful professional relationships. Manage your relationships on hotshi, from viewing deleting relationships to controlling who can see them. Our “suggestion” feature makes it possible to provide additional professionals that you have met or that you may wish to meet. Find people you know on hotshi with the 'search' feature at the top of the news feed to quickly and easily connect with the right people. With thousands hotshi users, the chances that you find your spot are very huge !
14. How to communicate with my contacts?
Stay in touch with your network by contacting your connections individually or in groups. Easily access your discussions by clicking on the "messaging" tab at the bottom of your news feed. Hotshi messaging allows you to stay in touch with colleagues, associates, companies or other opportunities completely secure by end-to-end encryption.
15. How are discussion protections?
End-to-end encryption is a communication system which only you and your interlocutors can read the messages exchanged. It thus prevents eavesdropping, including by hotshi, by your telecommunications provider and even by your Internet service provider. Therefore no one is able to access the cryptographic keys needed to decrypt your conversations. Hotshi's messaging system is designed to withstand any attempt at surveillance or tampering, as no third party can decrypt the data communicated or stored, so even the platform is unable to deliver a decrypted version of your messages.
16. How to boost my activities and my projects?
With your hotshi account, you can significantly increase the visibility of your projects. By boosting them, you benefit from a vast network of professionals as well as hotshi technology in order to better target and meet your ambitions. Are you actively hiring? You have the possibility to boost your job offers and quickly find the skills that suit you. Develop trusting relationships with existing prospects by building your professional branding and reaching out to potential collaborators using this tool.
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